Sacred Herbs of Our Earth
Plants Commonly Held in
Veneration by World Religions



The many plants housed in this 'Sacred Herb Garden' are the ones that have been commonly held in veneration by world religions.

In doing so we intend to indicate to the world, the significance of these plants as a 'healing flora' for the whole of humanity. Indeed, many of these plants have readily lent themselves to heal and invigourate our physical and mental being for millennia.

Through this 'All Religion Herb Garden', we seek to offer everyone an opportunity to forge a deeper rapport with Nature and among communities.
When, many wars and conflicts in the world today are fought in the name of religion, the flowering together of these plants can perhaps be thought as an apt metaphor for the possibility of human unity.

It is our fervent hope that people of different cultures and faiths can live and flourish together in a similar manner.

The 'All Religion Herb Garden' is thus dedicated to reawakening in our consciousness that intricate link with Nature that lies at the core of every religion.

If this project is the product of Dr. Kalam's vision of a magnanimous and tolerant country, Rishi Valley Education Centre, which has collaborated with Rashtrapati Bhavan in the creation of the Garden, is inspired by its founder J. Krishnamurti's great love of Nature.

'Just look at the stars, the clear sky, the birds, the shape of the leaves. Watch the shadow. Watch the bird across the sky. By being with yourself, sitting quietly under a tree, you begin to understand the workings of your own mind.'

If this garden serves as a beacon to future generations to understand and be respectful towards each other's faiths, beliefs and customs, we would consider it a fulfillment of our dream.