Articles of Interest

Institute of Bird Studies and Natural HistoryAn updated (January 2001) version of the article published in The Hindu, "FOLIO on Wildlife", 6th Sept. 1998.

Profile of A NaturalistA tribute to Sri S. Rangaswami, architect behind the Rishi Valley Ecological experiment.

Ends of EarthRead the excerpt on the Rishi Valley experiment written by Mr. Robert Kaplan in his book THE ENDS OF THE EARTH- A Journey at the Dawn of the 21st Century by Robert D. Kaplan .

Habitat renewal and recolonisation of Birds in the Rishi Valley by V. Santharam and S.RangaswamiA paper presented at the National Seminar on Conservation of Eastern Ghats, March 24-26, 2002, held at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

Return of the BulbulAn account of the ecological regeneration effort from the book, "The Birds of Rishi Valley", written by Sri S. Rangaswami and Sri.S.Sridhar.

A drought year in Rishi ValleyAn article written by Dr. Santharam, published in the magazine "Indian Birds".

Reach of the Rishi Valley School An inspiring account of Rishi Valley environmental success story written by Mr. Sridharan of the Good News India web site.

Living lightly on earth A passionately argued article by Dr.Radhika Herzberger calling for a fundamental change in the way we educate our children and the ever growing need to teach them about environment.